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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 21, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> good afternoon, everyone. we are following breaking news out of manassas. police are huntt after robbery and stabbing took place behind the can of beer a shopping center. newschopper 7 over the scene right now. investigators say at 9:30 this morning suspects approached a man who was taking pictures for a áq(u)ity investment. police say when the man refused, they stabbed him and took a camera and cash. another suspect is still on the
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loose. no suspect which is no word on how seriously the suspect was hurt. -- cause no word on how seriously the suspect was hurt. a community is reacting to a rustling and refereed behind bars. he is charged with conducting a child could pornography inside hehood pornography inside his home. he judged wrestling matches. he was also a firecracker with the metropolitan washington÷+ airports authority, but it is what he may have been doing during his spare time that has a lot of parents dealing disturbed. >> a routine inspection and said this to the official a home let fire marshals to an unexpected discovery that has parents on edge. >> it is disturbing. if he is that secretive, he has probably been doing it for a
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long time. sunday charged with 10 counts of child put pornography procession. -- cause child pornography possession. >> while they were investigating their call, that they had to enter his home. officials say he spent the last eight years interacting wieighte school and high-school wrestling students. >> it would be very troubling to think someone like that would be and find that ñhis type of thing is going on. >> officials association, contacted by the school district, said there had been no complaints that students were touched inappropriately. he has now been suspended indefinitely in order to stay off school grounds. >> i would not someone who
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does that in their spare time to be working with my childre'. >> parents are being asked to come forward if they have any k6l(lc@&c+ a preliminarw>> natasha peátigrn ki&led during a hit and run. she was riding her bike early sunday morning. her mother says she plans to hold a vigil for her daughter leaders this week. police are investigating a homicide that took place overnight. police responded to the scene
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at 3:30 this morning. they found franklin hill lying on the ground suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the woman accused of driving strong and hitting to college students is now facing a new charge. the u.s. attorney's office is now charging shamika adams with voluntary manslaughter. adams had up blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. push in the district. it is part of a new crackdown to get people to put down the pho'e when they are behind the wheel. brianne carter has the story. >> distracted drivers behind the wheel -- you see it everywhere. while some claim it is necessary, new numbers show it is dondangerous. >> hoping áo put the brakes on
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it, metropolitan police were of ticketing drivers who were using their phone. >> some people cannot operate their own and drive. and >> the crackdown comes on the same day hundreds gathered for the second annual distracted driving summit designed to promote anti-distracted driving initiatives. >> today transporáation secretary ray lahood said his parma's putting forward new initiatives that will ban bus drivers as an others from texting and driving. >> lauren kelly knows that all too well. her son was killed while using his cell phone behind the wheel. >> he was the only child that i ever had.
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>> now she is hoping others will learn from his estate and been twice before picking up their own r' a car. -- now she is hoping others will learn from his mistake and think twice before picking at their+ own in a car. 9 nato troops have died in a helicopter crash. nato says there are no reports of any enemy fire. it is not clear if any were americans. one u.s. civilian was killed in the crash. it is the deadliest chopper crash in four years. the senate is set to take up a bill that would repeal the 17- year-old ban on gays openly serving in the military. please blady gaga held a rally o promote the spirit anis.
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>> john mccain opposes the policy. he and others say that congress should wait until the pentagon finishes the study of the impact of repealing that wall. democrats have attached this repeal to a military spending !ill. it authorizes $159 billion for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. in another controversial move, harry reid wants to attack the dream act to the defense bill. that provision would let thousands of young illegal emigrants become legal u.s. or join the military. a master sergeant killed 40 years ago will wind up the natijójáh$ighest military honor today. president obama will a war the medal of honor to richard expert skberger.
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his story was kept secret for tickets because that mission was classified. his sons will attend the white house ceremony today. now we turn to the atlantic today. hurricane igor is barreling toward canada. along the u.s. coast. it is keeping its hurricane strength after brushing past bermuda. home video shows the storms pounding the popular tropical islands. the storm knocked down trees and knocked out power to tens of thousands of islanders residen(q looking around here in our area, no sign of any severe weather at the mercury is starting to rise pretty quickly. it will get nice and hot just- in-time were autumn. -- just in time for autumn. >> it is washington whether after all.
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look at the sunshine outside. just another great day. it looks and feels a lot like yesterday afternoon. we were in the 40's and most outlying areas early today. and the town of 75. -- honeytown at 75. the federal reserve meets today to discuss whether to take more steps to help the economy. this one day after president obama got an earful from some voters. >> i am exhausted. i am exhausted of defending you, your administration. >> this was at a cnbc town hall. president obama face voters frustrated about the economy. many of them said they voted for him. the president urged patience. >> my goal is not to convince you that everything is where it
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needs to be, it is not. when i am saying is we're moving in the right direction. >> this year the economy has stabilized. a new poll finds that 47 percent of americans say control of congress will not have much effect on the economy for better or worse. with that frustration, republicans are hoping for election victory this november. this week house republicans are unveiling their election-year agenda. and this could include goals such as scrapping president obama's health-care overhaul and publicizing all legislation before a house vote. the plan includes ideas voted on by tens of thousands jtu @ supporters. this will be unveiled at a hardware store in sterling, va. on thursday coming up her. coming up here -- >> it is the chancellor in the
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spotlight and not backing down. her message to overthrow wall her oprah. a father caught on tape yelling at bullies on the school plus, handing over yorkies. why one carditis it is taking over the country.
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>> welcome back. herger future may be up in the air, but the d.c. school chancellor is not avoiding the public eye.
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courteney robertson reports. >> this is a warrior woman. and >> michelle rhee is not shying away from the public spotlight, it seems as if she is embracing it. she sat down with oprah winfrey yesterday talking about her struggle to reform the d.c. school system, but not apologizing. the head of public-school garnered attention after closing schools and firing hundreds of teachers. >> i do not believe you will be the leader who will take the school and the direction it needs to go in and have the highest expectation for the kids. i am turn the mpáiterminating yl schnarincipalship now. >> the question is whether she
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will be able to continue in her post. adrian fenty supported her, but now with and svincent gray takig over, he could oust rhee. she says the re-election &ot is devastating to the city school children. -- re-election law is devastating to the city school children. of all their faces charges after he boarded his child's school bus to avoid police. jones says are there that morning his daughter who has to reverse policy broke down in tears telling him students hit and shouted at her, twisted her ear, and even threw condoms at her. >> talk to your kids, ask your
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kid, call your school, what ever you do, but make sure the kids are safe going back and forth to school. >> the police were called and jones was arrested. he has no criminal record. he was released on $2,000 bail in could be charged with disorderly functi andbehavior as serving a school function. motorists are facing delays due to a tractorkárailer accident. the northwest plane is closed. the celtics left plain clothes as well. -- the south left lane closed as well. let's talk about the weather. a nice day. we are headed into autumn, and we're going to get warm again. >> a cold front will move in
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and cause a few changes. let's take a look at the river. this is &ooking down at the potomac right near the memorial bridge. notice you can actually see the bottom. and the water levels are unusually low because we're in a very dry period. also, we are approaching low tide. interesting. cumberland 68. look at the morning low in the 40's. hancock 43. reagan national was closed to 57 for a low temperature. right now we are at 70 in frederick. manassas of 276.
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arlington bond up a little bit at 75. -- manassas at 76. today will be similar to yesterday. a record $igh is 96. that was set in 1885. here is a look at the satellite and radar composite. this is a cold front. this will show lelowly push eas. a back, when will kick in. the southerly wind will bump are temperaáures up. tonight mostly clear skies. 6 quite as cool as what we had last night. =v( d.dc. car owners are beig
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asked to give up their vehicle for one month. some are being asked to carpool or fight. and >> i use my car for a 5 minute trip verses hopping on the metro. >> program leaders said lester 65% of the participants said3 participating in the challenge. a new case of bedbugs cropping up in frederick county. frederick county public library is temporary close. the urbana library was closed
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after spotting them in a ball. -- spotting them in a book. coming up on abc7 news at noon, a neáqá of stars takes to the day of singapore. phome? day of singapore. -- a new set of stars takes to the dance floor. later today, jon stewart on host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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>> jennifer grey led the way on
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last night's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." they took first place. o a lot more listening to max if we get voted for this week. i really mean it. >> mike the situation and david hasseloff tied for last. now we have something for you from 7 on your side. researchers are putting a price a george washington study -- university study finds it is just over $2,900 for being
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of frenchman has powered his way into the history books. he became the first pulte and duty to swim across the english -- first full ampute to swim
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across the english channel. it took him 13 hours of swimming. three years ago the same man made headlines when he parachuted out of a plane. if that is not inspiration -- you know? it is incredible. it will be hot and humid. temperatures near 90 starting to are all the way through friday. we cannot rule that a few isolated thunderstorms. by the weekend we should cool down. as of now it looks like a pretty good chance of showers into monday. that is still far off. >> thank you. thp'k you for joining us. >> thank you. thp'k you for joining us.
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